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Barrie Lawrence interview 600C

Norwich man describes “Dancing with God" 

Retired dentist Barrie Lawrence describes how he came to give his life to Christ, and how his faith brought business success and healing. Tony Rothe reports.

When Barrie was interviewed by Stuart Cripps at the Full Gospel Businessmen’s conference at Dublin last November, he described how he was a committed atheist as a teenager, but gave his life to Jesus Christ during his medical training in Whitechapel, following the witness of several respected friends.
After a spell working as a dentist in Dorset, he took over a rundown dental practice in Norwich, not only turning the business round, but soon opening further practices, a success he attributes directly to God’s influence in his life.
He also describes how he was miraculously healed by God of an incurable illness.

Since retiring ten years ago, Barrie has written four books, all available on Amazon
“Life has not always been easy” explains Barrie “but God has held my hand in the valleys, and we have danced together on the mountain-tops”
The short interview can be viewed at - https://vimeo.com/194125036

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