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Bethel leaders in Norfolk to speak of Europe hope 

“Europe shall be saved” was the strong message coming from Bethel Church senior leader Paul Manwaring and wife Sue at a sell-out evening at Hope Community Church’s new Hub venue in Wymondham last night. Keith Morris reports.

Paul and wife Sue, who have been based at the well-known Bethel Church in Redding, California, since 2001, spoke of their recent decision to return home to England and to add their weight to the reawakening of Christianity in Europe.

Their link to Norfolk is through the Global Legacy programme and the Bethel-affiliated Kingdom Life Church in Norwich, led by Dave and Holly Elverson, who organised the event in Wymondham.

Worship was led by Luke and Claire Christian-Farman (formerly of Bethel Music), who are set to join Kingdom Life in Norwich shortly.

Paul and Sue were then interviewed by Holly, asking them about their decision to return to England.

Sue said: “We believe we can be part of what’s happening in Europe and have had several prophetic words talking about us returning home.

“Our hearts have been turned towards Europe and we have seen what’s been happening and it is really easy just to see the bad stuff. But we have also heard about the good things that are happening and what God is doing.

“We don’t want to sit in America and see Europe in full-blown revival and not be there. We are just getting ahead of the game. We are here to add our strength to everybody. What if we are the tipping point – someone has to be?”

Paul said: “I was trained in strategic management in the prison service, so now I get the chance to sit around a table and develop a strategy for the evangelisation of Europe.

“Revival, reformation and renaissance happened in Europe before there even was a rest of the world. I believe now it is Europe’s time.”

Paul went on to challenge his audience to believe in their own unique life stories and to write them.

“Do you have a life prayer, a theme, a cry, a song, a declaration, a verse?” he asked. “All these things will help you to hold your own life story together. God has been writing your life story and is asking you to believe it.”

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Pictured top are Paul and Sue Manwaring in Wymondham and, above the worship band. 

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