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Norfolk churches invited to join Christian Aid week

This year’s Christian Aid Week theme is all about helping refugees. From May 14 – 21, churches across Norfolk will be preparing fundraising breakfasts, holding street and supermarket collections, going from door to door and so much more to make a difference.

Without the support of churches across Norfolk many people who are suffering would simply be without help. Could you help this year?
Many refugees, like Nejebar from Afghanistan, have endured years of conflict. Nejebar says of the life she left behind: ‘Anything and everything in our country was a threat… the trees and the cars and the motorcycles. They were putting bombs in the trees and on the roads.’  Nejebar’s husband Noor worked as a teacher. The family felt horrified when the Taliban announced they would kill anyone, like Noor, who worked for the government. Another family member had his eyes taken out by the Taliban as they killed him. The family fled making the dangerous journey to Greece and are now stuck there in a camp with very few resources and they are worried about the health of their young child.  Nejebar and many others are in urgent need of help. 
Thanks to churches in Norfolk, people have been helped in different ways - from receiving blankets, food and shelter to specialist services such as physiotherapy for people with disabilities or specialist support for children who have suffered trauma. So much more is needed.
Julian Bryant, Norfolk Regional Coordinator says, ‘Today, tens of millions of people across the globe are fleeing their homes because of war, conflict and disaster, and are making dangerous journeys in search of safety.  We can make such a difference to help these people. These are not simply ‘statistics’ but each person has a name, has feelings of fear, wants a secure place to call home, wants to protect their family and also needs food to eat.  Fundraising is not always the easiest of things to do but we may be literally saving lives by doing this in Norfolk.
‘We know that Jesus said ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ and challenged us to share what we have. From the Israelites fleeing Egypt to Jesus fleeing Herod, the Bible is also full of stories of people seeking sanctuary. Again and again, we’re told of God’s concern for the stranger in the land. Let’s act again now, as the Church, to help relieve suffering and seek to build a world where everyone has a safe place to call home.’
For more information and resources such as envelopes, Big Brekkie packs and more go to www.christianaid.org.uk/christian-aid-week or email jbryant@christian-aid.org
View the Christian Aid week video below: Why someone who came to the UK as a refugee helps Christian Aid

Pictured above: Christian Aid picture - Big Brekkie at South Creake in 2016

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