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ENYP develops two new missional hubs 

Norwich Christian youth charity ENYP’s work continues to develop and expand across the region, and part of its delivery includes missional hubs, resourcing community based mission and fresh expressions of church.

A model of a missional hub is already taking place at St Elizabeth’s in Earlham where fresh expressions of church are delivered alongside community outreach and mission opportunities.  This has been developed in partnership with ENYP and the Church of England, and its reach into the community continues to expand each week.

This year a further two missional hubs are planned to be developed in Norwich (in the Anglia Square/Cowgate area) and in Lowestoft where ENYP will be working with other churches locally to pool resources together, and to partner in unity to advance God’s Kingdom.  As well as fresh expressions of church missional hubs also provide an entry point for the community, and could include; community café, skill development opportunities; children’s and youth provision; volunteer and work placements; support projects and outreach.

Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director, says “Its always been part of ENYP’s heart and vision to pioneer and build community hubs for mission and church planting. We have seen at St Elizabeth’s how community mission has brought people to faith and we have worked alongside the local community to bring positive change. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new missional hubs will develop in near the future”.

Phil Thorne, Pastor at Alive Church in Norwich, said “Alive Church, one church across many locations, is excited about planting church in partnership with ENYP and their missional hubs model in our church building in Cowgate. We believe people really matter and we are passionate about connecting individuals, families and communities with God and seeing them grow and develop. ENYP are making a major difference in their sphere of influence within community, youth and children and together we look forward to pioneering an exciting expression of church that makes a life-changing difference to its world."

Ben Parish, Leader of Lowestoft Community Church, shared “As a local church in Lowestoft we have been increasingly aware of God speaking to us about breaking into new communities and bringing the message of Jesus into all sections of society that are present in our town. This, coupled with a desire to help other churches in the town to develop their outreach to the young people in Lowestoft, led us to make contact with Danny and the ENYP team. Following a time of building connection, sharing our vision and values and praying, we have come to the conclusion that God has some work for us to do together. Our anticipation is that one aspect of ENYP's work in Lowestoft will be to partner together with us as to plant new missional church communities, initially in the deprived areas. We are currently exploring this further and praying for God to direct us to where to start this exciting work.”

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