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MPs and Lords touched by Jo's prayer cards dream 

A Norwich Christian couple’s Parliamentary prayer card initiative has received an overwhelmingly positive response from MPs and Lords after the cards were delivered to over 1400 parliamentarians just after the General Election. Keith Morris reports.

In June, Norwich church-goer Colin Grey fulfilled the dying wish of his wife Joanne, to produce and deliver hand-stitched prayer cards for every Member of Parliament in both The House of Commons and The House of Lords.

Within six weeks of the cards being delivered, Colin was inundated with positive responses from MPs and Lords, with over 320 responding personally.

Colin said: “Most are personal letters. Several say things like I will treasure this card, or what a wonderful lady Jo must have been. Many express condolences for Jo's death. Others have said this is a timely message, or they will endeavour to live by the message. Many say this was a welcome change from their usual mail. It is clear from these comments that several people have been touched by them.”

The positive messages have come from across the political spectrum

Baroness Sally Greengross wrote: “I was touched and grateful for the beautiful blessing card you sent me. Your letter was also very moving and I shall treasure it.”

MP Nigel Evans wrote: “I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to both you and your late wife Jo, for the exquisite blessing card I received last week. It is an exquisite piece that has taken pride of place in my Westminster Office next to a photograph of Her Majesty the Queen. It is inspiring to receive such a gift from Jo, who gave so much time and left such and impression on so many people. I sincerely hope that Jo's wise words guide me thought my time in Westminster, as a MP for the Ribble Valley."

Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith, wrote: “I have seen other MPs here in Parliament with their cards warmly displayed. Well done."

The Rt Hon the Lord Bassam of Brighton wrote: "Many thanks for sending me your wife's card together with a letter. I feel very privileged to receive a copy with such a very personal message. Jo must have been very special."

The Lord Thurlow wrote: ".... Both my wife and one daughter do tapestry work so I know what a labour of love it involves. ... I left your letter on our dining room table this weekend. Both my wife and son read it and separately commented that it was special. A far cry from most unsolicited parliamentary post!"

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Pictured top are Colin Grey and Hilda Gordon delivering a card to Norwich South MP Clive Lewis at Portcullis House in London.

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