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New line-up at Norwich Youth for Christ 

As the new term is well underway, Norwich Youth for Christ have welcomed new staff members, including Archie Horrocks and Gemma Stapleford.

Archie will be joining the Tracks team as a sound engineer. Tracks is a mobile recording studio that Norwich YFC use to introduce young people – many of whom are struggling – to music and media. Archie will join Sarah and Ben on the Tracks team and it is hoped that the Tracks work can extend further. Director Nick Blanch said, “This is a new position for us which will relieve some pressure from Sarah and Ben. Thankfully we received some funding from a group called The Lions which will fund this post and our hope is that our income grows over the next year to make this a permanent post.”

Gemma has replaced Rupert as Norwich YFC’s student youth worker in partnership with Meadow Way Chapel. Nick said, “Gemma is no stranger to us, having completed a gap year with us in 2015. She already has a good track record with her work in the Jenny Lind Community Project, coordinating the volunteers and delivering youth work.”

Two new gap year students have also joined the team. Tim from Braintree and Amber from Middlesborough. They will be working in partnership with local churches. Tim will be working alongside Gateway Vineyard Church and Amber will be working with Norwich Central Baptist Church.

The current team is pictured above. Nick said, “Please pray for the new team dynamics and for growth and confidence for all of them!” 

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