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Norfolk priest loses her hair for Mind charity 

Norfolk community priest and City Pastor in Norwich, Rev Deb Cousins, has lost all of her hair to raise money for Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind.


Deb (pictured right before the event) had all her hair shaved off by her hairdresser Fleur at Badersfield Community Church on Friday November 24.

After her hair-raising experience, Deb said: " I have yet to go out into the cold, so I may need more hats than I think! Thanks to all those of you lovely people who have given so generously to supporting me with your giving. Stands well over £500+ so far."

Explaining why she agreed to the close shave, Deb said: “I had a car accident in March this year. I escaped pretty much intact - the car was a right off - but I realised how fortunate I was to be alive. I knew this was a chance to re-evaluate my life, and make some changes.

“So, as I slowly recovered, as well as not being able to drive for six months, I thought through a new approach to life with a new passion;  a 'just do it' risking rather than worry too about whether to or not.

“It was like getting a new life - and new me. I have wondered if I would dare to shave my air off for several years, so, the new Deb said 'Let's do it!'

“So many people don't have the chance to realise their true potential. My own experience of burnout and recovery 20 years ago, and later doing mental health befriending, taught me so much about how lack of confidence and motivation overwhelm people. This is also true for those who we find living on the street, due to all sorts of circumstances. 

“I will learn what it is like to be exposed to the elements and possibly people’s stares. If I can outdo my target raised, all to the good. By supporting our local Mind charity, you and I can make a difference. Why not be a little crazy too and donate too.”

To donate visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/deb-cousins 

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