Tributes paid to 'amazing saint' Dudley Bourhill

DudleyBourhillWeb2006: Well-known Norwich Christian Dudley Bourhill, whose strong backing has helped numerous local Christian charities, passed away on August 18, 2006, after suffering a stroke.
Dudley was a former trustee and board chairman of YMCA Norfolk, he helped to set up the Matthew Project, was chair of the board of Hebron House and was instrumental in setting up Marriage Resource Norfolk and Healing Rooms.
Dudley and his wife Audrey, who died 12 years ago, were heavily involved in St Andrew’s Church in Eaton, setting up the 168 Club which saw many teenagers discover a faith and also helped the church build an extension.
Dudley has been worshipping at Mount Zion church for the last year and a thanksgiving service is due to be arranged.
He leaves daughter Kathi and son Neil. His other son Peter died at the age of 12.
Jill Gower of Call to Prayer said: “Dudley had been attending Living Water with his family the day he suffered the stroke and was in amongst all his friends and loved ones.
“What an amazing example to us all he was. He gave and served the Kingdom right to the end. We shall all miss him dearly, such an amazing saint of God and such a blessing to us all. I just knew and loved him, but he was involved in so many things.”
Just a few days before he died, Dudley added the following comment to the Network Norwich website on the subject of “What would Jesus say to the church in Norwich today?” following on from a recent Transforming Norwich meeting.
“One of the things which impacts me is the need to bridge across church and denominational barriers in order to achieve the aim of working together as one church. This inevitably involves big changes. My suggestion is to approach churches which have a broad vision and see whether they have a group of people who would be willing to attend another church for several weeks and exchange places with a group from the other church. At the end of that period they could report back to their own churches. Perhaps this could lead to the holding of regular joint services.”
Dudley Bourhill
Dudley BourhillDudley was well and active until the end, and died very peacefully - a fitting reward for a life well lived. The last picture of him is shown on the right.
A Celebration of Life service for Dudley was held at 11.30am on Saturday 9 September at Mount Zion Family Life Centre at Drayton Hall.
If you would like to add your own recollections or tribute to Dudley, please add a comment below.

Published: 20/08/2006