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Home secretary visits Magdalene Group in Norwich 

Home Secretary Amber Rudd visited the Magdalene Group in Norwich today (March 23) to learn about the work the Christian charity does with women affected by sexual exploitation. Keith Morris reports.

Magdalene Group CEO, Suzi Heybourne, said: “Amber Rudd was visiting us today to talk about work we do with women with complex and multiple needs. How you cannot simply address one aspect of their lives but have to look at issues of sexual violence, mental ill health, addiction and poverty.
“We were able to highlight the vulnerability of 16 and 17 year old girls who often are in non-consensual relationships and will have experienced, at the hands of their 'boyfriends' sexual violence, abuse and coercion.
“The Home Secretary was very interested in how effectively we engage with vulnerable women and young people and how we ensure that we provide supportive relationships based on trust,” said Suzi. “She told us that the work we do here is hugely impressive.
“The language of sexual exploitation and sexual violence can become quite sanitised and the team here at The Magdalene Group provide incredible support to women and young people who have experienced trauma, brutality, control and coercion.
Pictured above is Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Picture by Chris McAndrew



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