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Norfolk Church members erect large wooden crosses

For the third year running members of Carleton Rode Baptist Church will be erecting eight-foot high wooden crosses in their front gardens on Good Friday to remind their communities that Easter is about more than Easter eggs.

Rev Mark Taylor of Carleton Rode Baptist Church said: “The crosses are made of timber and will have red ribbon where the nails would have gone through Christ's wrist, and a crown of thorns to loop over it. We want people to erect them in their gardens early on Good Friday morning, with the words ‘Jesus Christ’ stapled to the cross spar - we will provide everything people need.

Congregation member Steven Halstead helps make the crosses, for a suggested donation of £10 to cover the costs.
The crosses come flat-packed with an eight-foot and four-foot spar, plus the ribbons, a wreath and some signage and a couple of screws.

"They help us to remember how and why Jesus died," said Steven. "The crosses display the crown of thorns and red tape to denote the blood. But on Easter Sunday Jesus overcame death and to proclaim this central fact of Christianity. So we will remove the crown and tape from the cross and display the wonderful news 'Risen'.
You can contact Mark on 01953 789899 or at
Pictured above, Rev Mark Taylor, left, and Steven Halstead, with one of the wooden crosses.

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