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Lives changed in Uganda by Norfolk Christian charity 

A Norfolk charity providing healthcare and education to vulnerable people in Uganda recently sent a team to visit the project – and they invite people to join their next trip. 

In February, a team of ten people visited Uganda with the Charity Africa With Love (Registered Charity 1079952) The charity works in Kyubira village near Masaka, they have built three schools for around 1000 children and a health centre.  Due to the increase in patients this year they have commenced building a larger health centre. 
AfricawithLoveCFThe charity was founded by Norfolk Christian couple Rosemary and George Willard and every year teams from the UK visit the project. Africa With Love is making a remarkable difference in the lives of young people, since the majority of children who have AIDS are unable to attend school in Uganda. However, the charity is unique because it offers medical assistance alongside education. Rosemary said, “Due to the medication these children need to take, they need to be monitored every day.  Some children come as day pupils if they live near by the schools but many parents are asking if the children can board at our school.   This year is the first time we have accepted a child to board with full blown AIDS.”
“Often, children with AIDS cannot attend school and feel so isolated, but we are able to say YES you can come to school, and they know that if they have any problems, immediately they can go to our Health Centre and receive help.”
The team on the February visit included a doctor and nurse from Barnsley arranged for an eye testing day as over 60 pairs of glasses had been donated.  In addition, visits were made to people in the surrounding villages to people who could not attend the health centre. 
The team had sent clothes, shoes and educational materials in advance to be distributed while they were there.  Older people are known as ‘Jajjas’, which translates as grandparents, and a day was designated for washing bowls and soap to be given out to the Jajjas as well as beans, rice, maize flour, sugar, tea bags and biscuits. Rosemary said, “This program was meant to commence at 2pm after church, but many of them arrived at the school gates by 8am, so they attended church first.”
The health centre is also blessed to have a full maternity unit, which is unheard of in a village, so many lives have been saved - both mothers and babies.  Rosemary said, “In January the first set of twins were born and the staff were very happy to deliver them.”
The dates to visit in 2019 are from the Wednesday February 6 until Thursday February 21, arriving back on Friday.  If you would like to join the team please contact Africa With Love at africacharity@hotmail.co.uk   They will be pleased to give you full information. 
You can also see more by visiting Africa Facebook and if you would like to donate to help with the building of the new Health Center please go to the fundraising page  

Pictured above: Building of the new health centre and some of the children

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