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Indian church pastor back to minister in Norwich

Rev Nicky Smith and her husband Pastor Zion Samuel are visiting Norwich for several weeks between April and June and will be ministering at Grace Christian Fellowship. Serena Jones reports.

Rev Nicky Smith was a minister at Grace Christian Fellowship in Norwich for over 20 years, where she developed an outstanding teaching ministry. She has an international ministry and speaks regularly in churches in the UK, USA, Spain and Holland.
In 2005, Nicky made her first trip to India and on her second trip in 2006 God dramatically told her to marry Samuel an India pastor. It was a completely unexpected turn of events but one that has proved to be blessed.
Nicky and Samuel have two children and live in a remote part of Andhra Pradesh in a small village called Kuntinivasala. They have a campus site there of five acres which accommodates a children’s home, children’s school and Bible College. Their ministry in the area is growing steadily with the preaching of the Gospel in previously untouched remote villages. They are surrounded by over 300 villages that have never heard of Jesus Christ and so are working steadily to reach these communities with the Christian message of salvation.
They have also started working in more remote areas of forest/jungle and have seen some tremendous miracles amongst the people there. They have recently set up a second childrens’ home called ‘Little Loves’ in the village DK Patnam, in Andhra Pradesh.
Nicky has spent many years teaching and has a well-established teaching ministry in both the UK and India. There have been many requests to publish some of her materials and so the publication of her first three titles ‘Four Shadows’, ‘Living on the Edge’ and ‘Finding the Place where God Speaks’ are a great achievement and the beginning of another area of ministry.
Nicky has also just finished writing her fourth book called ‘All Sixes and Sevens’. This book looks at the numbers 6 and 7 and how they are used in the Bible, to reveal some interesting and valuable lessons for life about mankind and his natural labours on the earth and his quest for spiritual perfection. Her books are available on Amazon under the name Nicky Samuel or Nicky Eatalapaka.
Nicky and Samuel will be preaching and ministering at Grace Christian Fellowship church services on sunday April 22 and Sunday June 10 and 17 sharing news about their work in India. All services start at 11am and are held at St Edmund Church, Fishergate, Norwich, NR3 1SE.
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Pictured above are Rev Nicky Smith, her husband Samuel Zion and their children.
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