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Get help finding work at Norwich church Job Club  

On May 15 Surrey Chapel’s Job Club in Norwich is running another 8-week ‘Steps to Employment’ course.  The Job Club, with its warm welcome, cake, support and confidence building approach is proving successful in helping people find work.

On Tuesday, May 15 the Surrey Chapel Job Club near Anglia Square is inviting people who are looking for work to come to a free course called ‘Steps to Employment’.  The course runs for eight weeks and will have completed prior to the start of the school summer holidays.  

This will be the fifth CAP ‘Steps to Employment’ course that the Job Club has run. The course covers the practical side of seeking employment, from interview practice to looking at what makes a good CV, but it also tackles the more complex issues of motivation, identifying skills and strengths, and setting expectations.

When Dawn Arden, the Job Club Manager (pictured) talks about clients who have been helped by the course her eyes light up.  It is clear that she, and the team, really care for those who walk through the doors and are firmly on their side in the often difficult process of getting into work.

Dawn said: “We have continued to grow this year, supporting folk to find work from those who have been full time mums, been made redundant, those caught up in the increased pension age rise, those just trying to get themselves back on their feet after a hard time as well as those who are struggling to find anything beyond odd days of work or very short term contracts.”

Helen, one of the people that came to the Surrey Chapel Job Club earlier in the year tells of her experience.  She said: “I'm a mum of a four year old and I had been applying for part-time jobs to fit in with childcare for over year, and although I had been invited to several interviews (over 8 I think, I had stopped counting!) I was not having any luck and was starting to feel a bit disheartened by it all. 

“I had seen posters about the Job Club and had been considering going, but hadn't quite got the enthusiasm or 'where with all' to venture along...then one day I went to have a closer look at one of the posters on the door as I was walking past Surrey Chapel. As I did so l was greeted by Dawn, the Job Club Manager, she was very friendly and her welcoming words encouraged me to attend the following week.

“To anyone thinking about going to the Job Club, I would definitely recommend that they go along. The people there were very helpful and supportive, as were the other job seekers. I very much valued all the advice I was given. But most of all I felt supported and my confidence restored by the positive encouragement that I received. The lovely cakes, refreshments and a free lunch were also an added bonus!

“I was enjoying the Steps to Employment Course - it gave me new ideas about how to go about finding work. However I wasn't able to complete it as I was offered a job before I finished the course. I am now enjoying working as an admin temp for Children's Services at Norfolk County Council, using my skills for an organisation and service that I value.”
The course is set up to build community, tackling the loneliness and discouragement that unemployment can lead to.  The Job Club is open from 11am-2pm and begins with coffee and cake.  The group then finish by eating lunch together.

The next ‘Steps to Employment’ course begins on Tuesday, May 15, 11am-2pm and continues weekly. 

Surrey Chapel Job Club, 2-6 Botolph Street, Norwich, NR3 1DU 

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