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TheTrustworthyGod750Norfolk writer tells adventures of a lifetime trusting God

Norfolk debut author, Pat Eastwell, recounts a story of sitting next to an angel on a bus during a trip to Canada, in her book ‘The Trustworthy God’, as just one instance of where following God has taken her.

In her 87-page book ‘The Trustworthy God,’ self-published in February this year, Pat reflects on a lifetime of promptings from God and where these have led her. 
After considering a question posed at a conference, Pat realised that she had “learned so much over the course of a lifetime that she could write a book” - and so she did. ‘The Trustworthy God’ comprises 22 pithy chapters that focus on facets of God’s character and Christian living. 
“After 59 years as a Christian, I wanted to share my experiences with others, to encourage and strengthen them too,” said Pat.
Pat is from a Pentecostal conservative church tradition and uses the King James Version in her extensive Biblical references.  She considers her gifts to be discernment and prophecy, and this ability to hear from God has led her to some curious places.  She recalls booking a spontaneous trip to Pioneer, Canada where she was able to anoint areas of spiritual significance and believes she met an angel on a bus during a breakdown.
Other promptings have resulted in her being quietly healed from a gluten intolerance on a plane to Corfu, blessing strangers at a petrol  station at just the right time and leading people to follow Jesus.
Some of her views may differ to those held by other Christian traditions, but her resolute desire to follow God’s leading presents a challenge to any reader.
Before Pat retired, she was a Relative Carer Advocate.  She is a keen gardener with an allotment and has developed a love of writing about God. She has already finished her second book, a volume of poems and is working on two more. 
‘The Trustworthy God’ is available to buy direct from Pat Eastwell by emailing lambswhofollow82@gmail.com to arrange payment of £7.50 + £1.26 p&p per book ordered.  Pat is willing to give free talks where there is an opportunity to sell her book.  

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