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Archbishop hears reconciliation story at YMCA Norfolk 

The Archbishop of Canterbury heard yesterday how YMCA Norfolk had been able to help former Norwich My Place resident Chris Forster reconcile his broken relationship with his partner and start seeing his young daughter again.

Archbishop Justin watched a short video in which Chris explained how the Christian charity was able to help give him a home when the relationship broke up after their young daughter was born, partly because of his problem with anger.

It then supported him in both seeing his young daughter, deal with his anger issues, acknowledge his part in the break-up, reconcile with his partner and, eventually, restore the relationship so they are now a family once more.

YMCA Norfolk CEO, Tim Sweeting, was able to explain how their model of restorative practice is used in such situations.

Chris then talked with Archbishop Justin who asked him about his situation, the YMCA and how things were now going for his family, which has now doubled in size with a new baby.

Chris is also now an apprentice Youth Engagement Worker helping with YMCA-run youth clubs across Norfolk.

The Archbishop said to Chris: “What your story shows is that reconciliation takes time, it is a process. What I loved in the video was that you said the YMCA support workers helped you take things apart and deal with them one at a time.”

Pictured above is Chris Forster talking to Archbishop Justin Welby.

You can watch the video about Chris’s story below.

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