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Tributes paid to gospel adventurer and writer Mike

Tributes have been paid to gospel adventurer and former Fleet Street journalist, Mike Wiltshire, who died peacefully in Bart’s Hospital in London yesterday (November 9) surrounded by his family, writes Keith Morris.

Mike’s wife Lois and his four children were all around the bed worshipping God and he was part of that and then he literally stopped breathing, said the family.
Mike, aged 81, from Norwich, helped to reach literally millions of people with the message of Christ thanks to his pioneering work with mission ship charity Operation Mobilisation. More recently he was heavily involved with the FGB both in Norwich and nationally, editing their magazine Voice and with East Anglia Friends of Israel.
In 2013, at the age of 75, Mike had a complex heart valves operation at Papworth Hospital: “The surgeon later smiled when he told me the outcome was ‘a minor miracle’,” said Mike in a 2015 article. But true to form, Mike, showed very little sign of slowing down in his life’s work to communicate the Gospel in as many ways as possible continuing to write for local and national Christian publications.
Barrie Lawrence, president of Norwich FGB said: “I followed Mike as president of Norwich FGB, and then as director of the East Anglian region. It was a daunting prospect following such a godly, gifted and truly spiritual man, except that he was always there for me, advising, helping, inspiring, supporting, encouraging and showing such warm friendship. A truly remarkable and outstanding man of God. Already so greatly missed.”
Jill Gower, from East Anglia Friends of Israel, said: “Mike was such a kind, humble man with an unwavering passion for the Lord. In recent times he helped set up East Anglia Friends of Israel, and became such an important part of our team. We felt so honoured to him on board and his contribution to the group was invaluable. We knew we were in safe hands with Mike’s great ability with accurately reporting our events, writing newsletters and sending out mailings.”
Keith Morris, editor of Good News for Norwich & Norfolk and, said: “Mike wrote for our publications over a number of years and was always very professional and accurate with his many articles which really brought people’s stories of faith alive. For me he was a truly great man of God and an astonishing journalist, right to the end.”
John Wright, from FGB UK, said: “I have had the joy of praying with Mike most weeks over many years. It was a Godsend that brought Mike and Lois to Norwich. Mike was always positive, cheerful and a great source of wisdom.  I called him 'The Bouncer' because of the many times, as it were, he came back from the dead. He was also a great blessing to FGB UK in his production of Voice Magazine and publicity. Now he will have had the joy of hearing Jesus welcome him home with the words, 'Well done, thou good and faithful Servant.'”
Nigel Fox from East Anglia Friends of Israel said: “Mike was always so cheerful, even in facing difficulty, truly one of the happiest people on earth!”

Paul McHenry, from Living Stones, said: “I will miss Mike for sure, he was always so positive and encouraging, it was an honour when he was with us at Living Stones. He brought such wisdom to us which we drew upon.”
In 1963, as a young journalist and a church youth leader, Mike met George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation, then a student movement working in 20 countries. It was the start of a 50-year friendship.
In his 20s, Mike, with others, drove 4,000 miles overland to India where the OM team set up a massive publishing programme and saw the distribution of 100 million pieces of Gospel literature in 12 different languages.
After five years in India and Nepal, Mike was sent to Scandinavia with a key mission - to look for a ship that OM could buy “by faith”. In Norway he found and secured the Umanak, which was renamed Logos (which means ‘Word’ in Greek) by OM and became an iconic ocean-going mission ship.  
The ship eventually set sail from London to India with 200 tons of literature and a volunteer staff and crew of 120 young people, comprising many nationalities. In 18 years, the ship visited 108 countries and more than 370,000 people attended conferences on board.
Mike was given the key role of pioneering line-up man, travelling ahead of the Logos and arranging programmes in dozens of ports, before the ship’s arrival. On one day, 15,000 people queued up at an Indian port to go on board, and everyone received a packet of Christian literature before they left.
The work took Mike to 50 countries across the world. Eventually, four ships were purchased which, through scripture distribution and meetings, have shared the gospel with a billion people.

While travelling the world, Mike also had the honour of meeting many well-known Christians. Mike recalled encounters with evangelist Billy Graham, China pioneer missionary Gladys Aylward, and Bible teachers such Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John Wimber, as well as Bakht Singh, who planted 400 churches in India.
While working with OM, Mike was also developing a career as a newspaper journalist. “I won my first job as a newspaper reporter after offering to sell papers on a street corner if the editor would just give me an interview! Cheeky, maybe, but I was offered several interviews,” recalled Mike in a 2015 article for Network Norfolk.
“I started on weekly papers at the Kentish Times, moved to evening papers, such as the Lancashire Evening Post, became deputy editor of a group of London regional papers and finally worked with the Financial Times on Fleet Street for more than 20 years.”
After “retiring” in London, Mike and Lois, moved to Norwich some 13 years ago. They had four children and nine grandchildren. Their son, Mark, who was born in India, is a London pastor.  He is also national missions’ leader for 550 churches with Assemblies of God in the UK.
Once in Norwich, Mike showed no signs of slowing down and has been a national director with the FGB, the Christian businessmen’s fellowship, also editing two magazines.

Inspired by the life of Billy Graham, Mike recalled a “crazy prayer moment” when, as a shy young Christian, he nevertheless asked God “to use him to reach millions for Christ – with no idea how that prayer would be answered.”
There will be a celebration of Mike's life at St Andrew's Church, Eaton, Norwich, at 1pm on Saturday December 8, followed by interment at St Andrew's Cemetery and then light refreshments back at St Andrew's Church. All are welcome.

Pictured above are Mike and Lois Wiltshire.

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Rob Cole (Guest) 11/11/2018 09:31
It was a blessing to know Mike, always a source of calm, comfort and inspiration. When’s he was with us at Living Stones some years back, his presence was always felt. Let his walk with the Lord continue.
John Wright (Guest) 11/11/2018 13:00
He Ran the Race and fought the Fight

How well Mike ran the race and fought the fight
A youthful Asahel until the Light
Inspired his life to spread the Word, nor fail
To praise the Lord within an Indian jail!
The news desk followed with the daily plight
Of overcoming deadlines’ beastly bite;
This conquering spirit caused him to prevail
To rise from sickness, leap from Jonah’s whale.
Always so cheerful through the cares and strife
The love of Lois helped him through his life,
That was so fruitful, giving all the choice
To choose their Saviour just from reading Voice.
He loved his God, the Jews, so his life’s leaven
Is dancing with his Lord now he’s in heaven.

John Wright

Bill and Val Crudgington (Guest) 12/11/2018 16:41
It was an honour to have known and served with Mike on the committee of EAFI. A most humble wonderful man. We send our love to Lois and all the family at this sad time.
BOB and Connie Waters (Guest) 13/11/2018 08:37
Thank you Lord for the joy of this dear man, Always an encouraging word and so gracious, Small of stature with a reall`y big heart and radiating the Holy Spirit,Bob and Connie,
Gordon Bambridge (Guest) 13/11/2018 11:18
Thank you Mike for all your support and encouragement, never intrusive but always there
John Lind (Guest) 13/11/2018 14:24
He was, in my eyes, one of Gods' great men. Tireless,loving with great knowledge he was a joy to be around. He was such a blessing to me and my family, and our love goes out to Lois and family at their loss.
BEE KORN (Guest) 13/11/2018 16:29

I wish I had had time to get to know Mike better for he was a delightful man. For the short time I was privileged to know him, he was very helpful to me and the Norfolk Branch of the Council of Christians and Jews. I am sure I speak for the branch in sending heartfelt sympathy to Mike's family and friends. May their great faith and love sustain them.
GILLIAN NORMAN (Guest) 13/11/2018 17:01
It was so good to have spent time with Mike and his dear wife Lois over the years!..He was a lovely man and visited me in my home after Murray died ..special rememberances when he was part of the NFLC in Norwich..God Bless all your family dear Lois xx

Terry Waters - Full Gospel (Guest) 13/11/2018 20:35
Mike was a very special friend who gave me gracious and generous support in my role as the National Executive Officer, His wisdom and incredible talents enabled us to update our literature and a whole range of publications in a professional way.
His literary and photographic skills brought life stories alive and interesting as he put together the Voice magazine.
Mike was a perfect gentleman, faithful to his Lord and Saviour, he stands out as a unique and irreplaceable gift to the Body of Christ. We all thank God for his love and friendship and amazing example of humility and a servant heart. Our deep condolences to Lois and the whole family, remembering he is now in the presence of the Lord he loved and served so well as he has been “promoted to glory”
Frances Clarke (Guest) 20/11/2018 06:32
I only met Mike through Lois at Bowthorpe Church but I remember him as a man who always smiled was always friendly and enjoyed talking to people.
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