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Norwich faith groups invite to join transformation chat 

Churches and Christian groups across Norwich are being invited to join a round-table conversation with residents, statutory agencies, community and faith groups who would like to work together for community transformation.

The ROC Conversation is coming to Norwich on February 7 and already people are booking into this free event. Taking place at The King’s Centre on King’s Street, NR1 1PH, Norwich between 7 and 9pm. The Conversation aims to bring together those who have an interest in the local community.
Debra Green OBE Founding Director of National Charity Redeeming Our Communities said: “We’ve hosted more than 160 ROC Conversations across the UK and have always been surprised by the amount of hidden work taking place in the community and amazed at how easily gaps in provision can be met by existing community groups once they become aware of the need.”

Darren Woodward, Senior Leader of Oak Grove Community Church, Norwich, said: “Having become aware of the work of ROC earlier this year, through hearing Debra Green speak at a Leaders Conference, the seed of an idea to bring this to Norwich was planted, and is now gathering pace.”

The event is for anybody who lives, works, socialises or has an interest in this community and wants to take the opportunity to make a significant difference.

"Join us as we celebrate the good that is already happening in our community. Discover how we can support those who work to serve us. Help identify the key issues that really need addressing. Get involved in suggesting practical solutions. Become a part of the Action Team to ensure the Conversation isn’t just talk."

 All are welcome to attend the ROC Conversation and more details and booking information can be found at

You can find out more from Darren Woodward at:
Pictured above is a previous ROC Conversation in Newark.

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