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John Butura 750CF

North Walsham refugee’s escape from Romania

Romanian refugee John I. Butura, now living in North Walsham, has written a book of his experiences, which has just been published.

John appeared in North Walsham Methodist Church for the Maundy Thursday Service in 2016. Whilst chatting after the service he mentioned he was homeless and was sleeping in his car. After a quick discussion with retired minister Rev’d John Fenn, a bed for the night was found for him. Thus began a friendship with the church culminating with John being made a member the following December.

“We have become absorbed in his testimony delivered in his thick Romanian accent, learning of his incredible faith and inspired by his trust in God through many adversities during his sixty two years” said Graham Bunn from the church.

When John, wishing to glorify God, revealed he had recorded his journey of faith and was intending to publish his story, the congregation gave him every encouragement and now, finally, his book, “An Escape from Communism to a Prisoner of Christ” has been published.

John’s preface gives a taste of the challenges and hardships he has endured:

John Butura book 750CF“...This is my personal story of living, surviving and finally escaping from the Romanian communist regime. I was born in March 1957, in the small Romanian town of Lupeni. I was raised by my single mother. I still remember, from the age of 6, living under the stress and social darkness of the communist regime. I escaped in 1988.

During my chaotic life in Romania, I was cast into prison several times for resisting the government, and for attempting to flee the country. In prison, I saw how cruel the authorities were who controlled the country, and for that reason, it made me determined to leave.

After my escape to Austria, I stayed in a refugee camp for two years, before I was accepted for emigration to the United States. Then my life was transformed, and I began to heal, both physically and spiritually....”
One of the Methodist Church members, on completing the 215 pages exclaimed. “...Wow it could change your life...”
The book is now available, priced at £10. Copies can be obtained by contacting Linda at North Walsham Methodist Church on 01692 403390.
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/ioan.butura.904


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