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Tanya HeasleyCF
Norfolk Christian supports young people affected by anger 

Local Christian businesswomen and psychologist Tanya Heasley runs a coaching business to address the negative effect of anger in young people.

Tanya Heasley, a local businesswoman from Harleston, who is a member of Hope Church in Diss, has incorporated her award-winning anger management coaching business; Tristone Coaching, into a limited company and became a certified Social Enterprise. Their social mission is to improve the lives of young people affected by anger; whether that’s caused by parental separation, bereavement, witnessing domestic abuse, or angry behaviour in others within the school environment.
When asked how this made her feel, Tanya Heasley, Coaching Psychologist and Director of Tristone Coaching said, “I’m ecstatic in the knowledge that our service can now reach more young people”.
With the funding cuts within schools a national problem, headteachers must be careful about how they use their money. There are also restrictions in place for what type of organisations they can spend their money on. This is a fundamental reason while Tristone Coaching Ltd. has become incorporated and shifted its business structure to a social enterprise.
Tanya goes on to say, “Many schools do not have the funding to access our service and therefore young people are missing out. As a Social Enterprise, we can not only sell our services to raise funds but also receive donations to provide this much-needed service for free, to those affected by anger. We’ve wanted this for such a long time, and we can now finally make our anger management programme more accessible to the young people of South Norfolk”.
Tristone Coaching Ltd. exists to improve the lives of young people affected by anger, either their own, or witnessed in others by delivering their Children's Healthy Anger Management Programme (CHAMP) within local schools. This is an evidenced-based anger management programme proven to alleviate and ameliorate the anger in young people and to empower them to use their anger positively, so they can thrive, flourish and become the best that they can be both personally and within the community. Their other services include Positive Parenting and Positive Education for teachers, as well as retreat days, workshops and online courses for those wanting to improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health.
Website: www.tristonecoaching.co.uk
Email: info@tristonecoaching.co.uk


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