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Norwich Christian climate activists join London protest 

Two Norwich Christian climate activists have been taking part in the current climate change protests taking place in London as part of Christian Climate Action. Keith Morris reports.

Jim and Sue Green, who attend St Francis church on the Heartsease estate, have been taking part in the latest Extinction Rebellion actions in Trafalgar Square, alongside Christians of many denominations.
Jim said: “Two weeks before it started it flashed through my mind not to bother but to stay at home and put my feet up. Then I was reminded that this was all about truth. The truth is that there is a climate emergency and being truthful needed me to face up to that. Acting truthfully required me to stand with my brothers and sisters.”
The couple spent most of their time at the Trafalgar Square occupation in a supportive role within Christian Climate Action, at the Faith Bridge tent to greet visitors, taking part in the regular prayer times.
“Highlights included: leading morning prayers on the road by Trafalgar Square next to people locked on to a hearse, and taking part in Communion in the same place; having meditative worship interrupted by three giant human kangaroos; listening to an imam gently explaining the environmental aspects of the Quran; singing with a Jewish group at the Bank of England as they supported a Rabbi as he was being arrested and listening to a Druid explain her view of the sacredness of the earth,” said Jim.
There was also a gentle vigil and leafleting outside Westminster Cathedral followed by the restfulness of the service, talking to people in the church hall afterwards. I spoke to a gentleman who had never spoken to a protestor before and had only encountered them via disruption to his day. I think we left having shared our hearts with each other and gained mutual understanding.
“This was not the core of why we were there, rather the life-enhancing by-products of seeking to play my part in the greatest issue the planet faces. Many Christians, including ministers, have been arrested. This has to happen, alongside the gentle business of building a movement and providing entry points for people to participate at their own pace,” said Jim
Pictured top are Jim and Sue Green with Anglican priest Fr Martyn Hawkes.

Watch a video of the Christian Climate Action protest at Trafalgar Square here or see below.

Holy Rebels from Empathy Media on Vimeo.

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