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Jess Stubenbord Revival bookle

New book tells of God’s promises for Norfolk

A retired Norfolk vicar has published a compilation of stories, prophesies and challenges, urging prayer for spiritual revival in the county. Tony Rothe reports.

Jess Stubenbord retired as a South Norfolk vicar in 2013 and now lives in Overstrand, on the North Norfolk coast. He feels that God still has much in store for this county, and has published the booklet in order to encourage Christians to pray for a spiritual revival across Norfolk.
Jess explains, “Having been a church minister in Norfolk for over 40 years, I know that it is not by my might nor by any cleverness of mine but by God's Spirit and word alone that people come into God's Kingdom.  I feel that we need to be made aware once more of God's goodness to past generations, when in moves of His Spirit so many came seeking and finding Him. 

“And to pray once again that He will reveal His love and mercy, especially in this corner of Britain.  I so look forward to such a time of His will being done here in Norfolk even as in heaven.”
The book tells the story of Rev William Haslam who became converted to Jesus in Cornwall than moved to Norfolk, and was instrumental in a wave of revival across the county in the mid-nineteenth century. Jess goes on to quote a number of prophesies which give an insight into God’s plans for Norfolk in the current day. Finally, the book guides us into praying for a twenty first century revival in our county.
Jess says, “In this booklet I have sought to show how God moved in the middle of the 19th century through one man and his wife in such a mighty way in this great county of Norfolk.  Then by collecting prophetic words from this 21st century that clearly show He has not forgotten Norfolk, I am hoping to stimulate us to pray earnestly in this new decade for a turning to Him. 

“Our only hope is that if we cry out to Him to show His mercy and goodness, He will hear us and graciously bring countless numbers to turn to Him.  He has moved powerfully here in the past- why not once again?”
The booklet is available from Norwich Christian Resource Centre, Redwell Street, Norwich;

Or directly from Jess Stubenbord. Please e-mail jamstubenbord@gmail.com

The cost is £3.50.

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