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Corrie ten Boom story comes to Norfolk churches

The Oddments Theatre Company has created The Hiding Place, a dramatic reconstruction of the Corrie ten Boom story, and the show is available for a church or Christian organisation in Norfolk to present on a couple of dates in June. Tony Rothe reports.

The Hiding Place is the story of Corrie ten Boom, a Christian woman who lived in Haarlem, Holland during World War II, and her family. Corrie saw the horrific threat the Nazis posed to the Jewish people and decided that she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so she set out on an incredible rescue mission putting herself and her family at great risk. With the help of an Underground regime, her family’s faith and a man called Fred, Corrie was able to create a safe place for Jewish people to hide in her family’s home. But what could the ten Booms do when they were arrested?

This production follows Corrie Ten Boom's journey from family watch shop to Ravensbruck concentration camp. The audience will encounter faith in action. hope and despair, and humiliation in the dark and brutal days of the second world war. Ultimately. this historical account challenges us. that the greatest prison is not one surrounded by barbed wire or walls but, is in fact within our own being.
The Hiding Place is now in its third year of touring and has been popular with a variety of audiences across the UK. The dates in 2020 when the Oddments Theatre Company are available to visit Norfolk venues are: Saturday June 6 – afternoon or early evening show (no later than 6pm for the start time please) OR Wednesday June 10 – Evening performance only.
This is a two-hour show with full stage set, costumes, lighting and sound. A total theatre event for paying audiences, which is rated 12. Oddments will supply everything needed to make the event a success, including promotional books, flyers, posters, press releases and email adverts, plus ticket templates and online booking.
The cost to the venue starts at £250 – Please contact Oddments for the range of options available. Ticket prices for churches or community venues are set nationally at £11 in advance or £13 on the day £13.00. Hosts may subsidise the ticket prices on the understanding that Oddments will still receive the national amount for each ticket sold.

For more information, phone 01935 471 547
Or e-mail bookings@oddments-theatre.co.uk
Visit: www.oddments-theatre.co.uk  
Oddments is a registered Charity

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