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Malawi Maize distribution 750A

Holt Christian charity feeds one million in Malawi

The North Norfolk charity Aid Africa, based in Holt, has been working in the remote rural areas of southern Malawi for the last 15 years and, in that time, has provided the basis for over a million meals. Tony Rothe reports.

Lynda and Dave Mills, who live in Fakenham, run Aid Africa from their charity shop in Holt. Lynda says: “Dave and I have been working amongst the vulnerable communities for 15 years now, spending up to six months of each year feeding the hungry, restoring safe water, providing education, and so much more.
“We were amazed when we realised that, since 2005, Aid Africa has provided the basis for over a million meals, brought clean water to thousands, empowered hundreds of kids with secondary education, built dozens of houses for the vulnerable and saved untold numbers of babies with our goats’ milk.
“Good news is refreshing!  Thanks to our supporters and friends, we’ve also built infrastructure—community centres, bridges, new water lines, and provided training in conservation farming, reforestation, animal husbandry, and lots of other subjects directly relevant to those we serve.”
Malawi - Memory 750ATLynda recounts the story of Memory, pictured right, a 12-year-old girl desperate for a uniform as she’d been turned away from school without one. Her father had died several years before and her mother had gone to Mozambique three months earlier to try to find food for the family, but had not returned. Memory was in the care of her 15-year-old brother who roasted and sold little bags of peanuts to support them both.
Lynda says: “We provided a uniform, and the one-off fee she needed so she was able to return to school.  We also gave her a blanket, some food, and repaired their roof before the rains came. Just one little girl, but so typical of the challenges faced by the people of Malawi.
“We’re celebrating 15 years, but if we’re to continue we need more help, either by volunteering in the Holt Charity Shop for a few hours a week, or with donations. A £10 Standing Order will provide maize for 150 meals each month!”
Donations can be made by calling at the shop, at 7 Shirehall Plain in Holt,
or via the website, www.aid-africa.com/donations ,

or via PayPal using email: info@aid-africa.com .
The top photo shows the women distributing maize.
Both photos are courtesy of Aid Africa

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