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Enjoyable Norfolk Christian football season is declared void  

The Norfolk Christian Football League has decided, along with other local FA leagues, to end the current season by expunging all games and results with no champions declared.

All grassroots football stopped several weeks ago before the Covid-19 lockdown and discussions since then have centred on how to draw a line under the season in terms of leagues positions etc.
A precedent was set at the higher level of the game, when higher FA amateur leagues decided to expunge all results and not have any champions, promotions or relegations. 
Making the announcement, NCFL secretary Alan Barnes, said: “At a local level, all Norfolk Leagues were given the opportunity to discuss this and most, including our league, decided that this was the best option under the circumstances.  It will seem unfair to some who have had good results and were pushing for trophies, but in making one decision across all leagues from adult through the youth it seemed to be the only fair option in the current climate. 
“Football is important to all of us, but not as important as the life or death situations being faced around the country and around the world.  So, in summary, there will be no champions or bottom teams, no cup winners and runners up.  The committee thought hard about awarding a fellowship trophy, but once again, felt that it was fairer to not make any awards as all results have been expunged.  There will also be no youth 5-a-side competition as planned,” said Alan.
“What it can't do is take away the pleasure and camaraderie experienced in the season until it was forced to close.  We have still enjoyed the football to that point and tried hard in each game that has been played.  There have been some great goals, great saves, great defending, excellent team spirit... and the list could go on.  
“We are keen to make sure that this season is not just remembered as the season that stopped midway and would love to compile a set of positive things that have happened for your club during the season.  Please do think of a couple of examples and send to us - we will endeavour to produce a season review with these positive stories and if you have any photos, please also send them across.”
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Published: 17/04/2020