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Christ Church crafters create a Quilt of Kindness 

A creative women’s group at Christ Church in Eaton has come together to make a ‘Quilt of Kindness’ to help people reflect on the kindness being displayed during lockdown.

Vivien Humber, who heads up the Pastoral Team, is a member of the Christ Church Crafters. 
“The Quilt of Kindness will show the positives that are coming out of lockdown,” she said, ”kindness, hope, friendship, compassion, community. We want the quilt to include good things that are important to us. 
“We were reminded that people in POW camps had used what they had with wonderful results  – the Changi Quilt is one example (” 
The three Changi quilts were created by women interned by the Japanese in Changi Prison when Singapore fell in 1942 and were designed to relieve boredom and boost morale. Each woman who wanted to make a square was given a piece of plain white cotton (provided from various sources including flour bags and bed sheets) and was asked to put something of herself into the square, together with her signature. 
“While there is a Zoom aspect to the group,” said Vivien, “you don’t need to have a computer to join in. It is open to anyone, whatever their sewing or knitting skills, and whatever material that they have available. Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far: what is coming out of this is amazing.”
Pictured above is Leisa Devlin with her quilt square depicting her family's hopes for the new normal. She had asked her children and grandchildren what qualities they hoped the new normal would have, and these were the words that they suggested.

Published: 28/05/2020