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N Norfolk Christians launch urgent Uganda appeal

Reed People, a Sheringham-based charity which works in an area of Uganda called Lumpewe to promote education, health, and community, has launched an urgent appeal for funds to feed that community during the coronavirus crisis. Tony Rothe reports.

Food is a big challenge to many people in Lumpewe, especially since the country has been in lockdown.  Most people are not working, and everything is hard for many families.  People are still in their homes because public transport is not yet allowed, and very few have private cars.  Many people are finding it hard to get basic needs now.
In big cities such as Kampala, the capital, instructing people to stay at home is to confine millions to cramped housing. In the slums where up to half the population may live, people could be crammed six or eight to a room, with no easy access to water.  Although the Ugandan government is understood to have sponsored a parcel of maize flour and beans for some of the population in Kampala, it has not reached more remote areas like Lumpewe. 
Elaine Fisher from the Reed People charity says “As political leaders around the world have pressed ‘pause’ on their national economies we’ll find that under-privileged people suffer the most. We’ve recently heard news from the Headteacher of the school in Lumpewe, of much need in the area due to Covid 19.  Due to the unprecedented situation in that area we have opened an appeal for food sponsorship for the poorer elements of the community.  We’ve made arrangements in the village for a reliable source to acquire and distribute food to those in need and we’ll foot the bill.” 
Reed People are inviting donations to this urgent appeal, with bank details below. Alternatively, you can send cheques to    Reed People, c/o Lighthouse Community Church, 62 Cromer Road, Sheringham. “Every penny we collect is used to help the people of Uganda” said Elaine. 
Uganda 20 pads 750ATOver the last few years, the Sheringham team at Reed People has made several visits to Lumpewe and they have provided considerable support for the community, including:

  • Building and installing a water filtration system to provide clean water to eliminate water borne disease
  • Improving school buildings, building school desks and bookshelves, implementing a teacher training programme, and decorating classrooms to make a stimulating learning environment
  • Installing concrete flooring, which has eliminated the jiggers parasite which used to burrow into the children’s feet
  • Providing dormitory accommodation for children who formerly had to sleep in the classrooms, including bunk beds and mosquito nets
  • Supplying ladies and girls with reusable sanitary wear, pictured right, and teaching them to make their own, so that young girls can now continue their education full time, improving their life chances

Elaine says “Our next project will be to build a school kitchen to replace the existing outdoor kitchen facilities, pictured top. This project is particularly on my heart at the moment as that kitchen with open pots cooks meals for about 50 children every day and the boy in the picture is the cook!”
Bank details for the appeal are as follows:
Account Name:         Reed People
Sort Code:               20  17  20
Account No:             7395 6032
Reference:               ‘Covid Appeal’
To find out more about Reed People’s work in Lumpewe, visit:
http://reedpeople.org/  or https://www.facebook.com/ReedPeople/

or e-mail Elaine at:           Elaine@ReedPeople.org

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