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Norfolk churches' YouTube reaches 100,000 hits 

A YouTube channel set up by a group of churches in South Norfolk has registered 100,000 hits since March by offering a free online worship resource.

In March, as lockdown started, the Chet Valley Churches created a YouTube channel, just like many others. They decided to pre-record services, rather than use Zoom or live streaming. They premiere on YouTube at 10:30am every Sunday.

In the course of shooting and editing these services the church has made a number of hymn and song videos which are specially designed for congregational use. Words are clear and always start before the beginning of a verse so that they are easy to sing along with if at home, or to follow if used in church.

There are around 180 hymns and songs on the channel so far, with more being uploaded each week. In addition to a general playlist with all the hymns and songs in alphabetical order there are also individual playlists containing videos which might be suitable for special occasions such as Harvest and Remembrance. Advent and Christmas are currently in preparation.

“What is particularly gratifying,” said Rector David Owen, “is that we are not the only ones to use the videos in our worship. I get many requests from churches around the country who are really grateful for this resource. We also know that we have users in other countries as well, including Canada, New Zealand and the United States.”

The channel now averages over 1,500 hits per day and on Sunday October 25 achieved the milestone of 100,000 views since it started in March.

Visit the Chet Valley Churches’ YouTube channel.

Keith Morris, 28/10/2020

Keith Morris
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