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Eaton crafters pull together their Quilt of Kindness 

Over lockdown, the Christ Church Crafters undertook the creation of what has become “the Eaton Quilt of Kindness”. Rosalind Wright reports.

The seed of this idea was sown in the spring of 2020, and the project blossomed over the summer. Now, in the autumn of 2020, the quilt squares are complete, and the job of quilting begins. 
Not only has this enterprise resulted in a wonderful and imaginative piece of art, it has also provided a creative focus for the many people involved. Dr Jane Hattrick, wrote: “Right from the start the process of creating this quilt began with kindness. For those of us who might be living alone or struggling with life under lockdown it has provided a supportive, safe and uplifting space.” 
Kathy Ladd and Vivien Humber, who led on this initiative, added: “In the Spring, some of us in Christ Church Eaton wanted to set up a project bringing people together in a difficult time. Vivien thought of the idea of a Quilt of Kindness. This would enable people to work on individual squares. These would portray an act of kindness or something that has been positive and meaningful during a time of isolation. We set up Zoom meetings to chat and make friends while working towards a positive and life affirming goal.
“We hope to exhibit our work as soon as it is possible to do so, including a photo album of all the individual squares. We have asked people to give us their thoughts about the square (or squares) they have made. This information will be put with the individual square. This has been a true labour of love, bringing people together in spirit and fellowship for a common goal.”
Pictured above is Leisa Devlin holding up the quilt. Photo by John Ladd.   

Eldred Willey, 02/11/2020

Eldred Willey

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