Renowned Norfolk evangelist and author 

Renowned Norfolk evangelist, author and businessman John Wright died peacefully on Sunday night. Colleague and friend Barrie Lawrence pays tribute.

John slipped away quietly and peacefully late on Sunday November 29. However, one would assume that his arrival in heaven was anything but peaceful, and that he received a truly thunderous welcome there.

‘A spiritual giant’. ‘An apostle of faith’. ‘A prolific author’. These are just a few of the ways in which John has been described over the years.
The following is adapted from John’s profile on the Branch Press website -
John Wright came from a family who, since the eighteenth century, had produced missionaries and businessmen in every generation. His great grandfather, Prebendary Henry Wright, was General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society.

As a bachelor of 32 and a regular churchgoer, John had a dramatic conversion experience. This was the prelude, as it was for Joseph in the Book of Genesis, to a period of tribulation balanced by many great blessings. Businesses collapsed, he went through a desert experience of two years unemployment, he had cancer and finally the undeserved humiliation of Prison. The hands of the Potter have been manifestly at work building a man of faith and endurance. Throughout these trials and afflictions John’s sense of humour never left him. The joy of the Lord was his strength.
John and wife Sue lived near Norwich. They have four sons and a daughter, all of whom are on fire for God. John was a businessman who trained at the Harvard Business School. He had been a Director of Reckitt & Colman Food Division and had founded a Merchant Bank in Norwich in obedience to the Holy Spirit, despite having neither money nor any knowledge of banking! He started the St Matthews Housing Association which provides accommodation for the homeless in over 80 houses throughout East Anglia. He also started the Stop a Copper Society whose members stop police and traffic wardens to express their appreciation.
John was the founder and force behind Branch Press. He was a prolific author of dozens of inspiring books. He had been a Lay Reader for 40 years and was a member of the College of Evangelists instituted by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. He was also an International Director of the Full Gospel Business Men of whom the Archbishop of York has said, ‘We need more men like them.’
John and Sue had travelled to 36 countries since 1978, preaching the Full Gospel in word and in deed in the power of the Spirit with signs and wonders. Romans 15:18-20. John’s ministry as an evangelist, teacher and encourager of daily witnessing has been appreciated in all main line denominations. His particular passion was for church members to be born of the Holy Spirit, filled with the Holy Spirit and learning to walk as Jesus walked, doing the things that Jesus did, seeking and using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
John’s testimony continues to move people from tears to laughter and is a great encouragement for anyone going through a time of affliction. He also had a healing ministry arising from gifts of knowledge to confirm the preaching of the Full Gospel.

His influence on the lives of Christians and others locally, nationally and internationally is immeasurable. He and his ministry were unique, and are irreplaceable. He will be greatly missed by multitudes.
John was 86, and lived for over 50 years just south-east of Norwich. He had suffered from cancer for ten years, and whilst in Priscilla Bacon Lodge hospice for the final three weeks of his life, was still telling those around him of the wonderful change that Jesus makes in people’s lives.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Sue, and children Francis, Jemimah, David, James and John.
John Betts, director of Celebrate Norfolk, paid tribute saying: “John Wright was a good friend, a man of God who loved Jesus and had a passion for the lost and an amazing evangelist.  There will be very many people who testify to his faithfulness to God and love for them which led to their salvation. It has been a great privilege to know John and share fellowship with him. He will be greatly missed. My love and prayers are with Sue and the family.” 
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(Guest) 01/12/2020 22:37
I first met John when I moved to Norwich from Aberdeen soon after finishing working for Billy Graham’s mission 91. He had offered the use of his photocopier to help me with my new life in Norwich. He was keen to encourage young people to share their faith and to help others. Anytime I saw John in the city He would stop and share an encouraging word of scripture. Truly a Man of God, a friend and one who will be missed. Look forward to meeting you when we all return home.
(Guest) 01/12/2020 22:43
John was a very dear speaker at our Connect Group on many special occasions and even cheered us all on via a recent Zoom connect Group meeting. His unabashed authenticity boldlybroke through many an armour plated young male heart. He sang gently to our wedding guests when welcoming young male guests with stiff collars, he evangelised from the back of my 300cc Vespa to City suits in soft top sports cars stuck in traffic alongside us in Wandsworth - he would cry - “Are you a banker in the City? I know your friend!” I knew just what was coming next!!!! Boy will we miss him - his fervour for others to know God reignited any dulling embers of faith. We thank John for just being John - truly one of a kind! He was a chariot of fire!
Marie Reavey (Guest) 02/12/2020 07:22
John was a great example to us all to live out our faith and tell people about Jesus, a great encourager, and will be remembered in my heart for his Stoppa Coppa initiative. Thoughts and prayers are with Sue and family.
(Guest) 02/12/2020 10:48
Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you, Sue & The Family, at this time...

Johnny Wright. What a True Man of God..!!

And... behind every Great Man of God is a Great Prophetic Woman of The1God..!

The Joy of The Lord was his strength.
~ Amen. Yes, indeed..!!

What a Privilege to be able to call Johnny Wright a Fellow-Brother-in-Christ and Personal Friend in Our1LivingGod-Jesus...

Truly A GENTLEman who's been The ONLY Brother-AND-Friend in-Christ to give me a Genuine Holy Kiss...!
For you immature Brethren out there, let me say that Johnny's Holy Kiss was The Absolute Opposite of any Judas "kiss"....

Well Done, Johnny, Good and FaithFULL-Activist and Servant-Disciple-Ambassador of our1Saviour-King, King Jesus.

Of course, we're Praying for You, Sue and Family and we'll join you in Praying for all Johnny's Thousands of Friends-in-Christ in The1Body of The1Christ around Your Life-in-Christ still, Sue, to equally be Comforted by The Holy Spirit as You are, as I am...

Please consider A Memorial Service in due course to Honour Johnny before The Lord and we'll keep Praying for God to make a way for That to happen, Sue.

Trevor and I were Blessed to meet You both at Your Home earlier this year. Really Blessed by God through You Both.

Every Blessing in Christ Jesus,

Robert and Margaret (Guest) 02/12/2020 12:23
It was a great privilege to know John as a friend and fellow Christian. He and Sue have always been such a faithful support to us both. We will miss his love and enthusiasm for the Lord. He's having a wonderful time in heaven now. May God's peace be with Sue and the family.
(Guest) 02/12/2020 12:35

Three men were standing waiting to enter the church, after a few words John suggested we meet and suggested a date. Thus, began from 2011 a monthly meeting of John another John and David. G.
All these years John has fixed the date and usually turned up with fresh eggs, or newly picked flowers off the trees and bushes from home. Our hour together, led by John was a precious time, already deeply missed

David Gilbey (Guest) 02/12/2020 16:20
John was a most wonderful man. I had the pleasure of meeting him many times and on one occasion stayed with him and Sue at their house overnight. A number of years ago he was behind getting my testimony published in a Voice Magazine and getting me an invite to speak at a FGB dinner in Norwich
My favourite memory was on one occasion John drove me to his house and upon arrival leant out of his car window to share the gospel with a neighbour. We then went for a walk and three minutes later he'd introduced me to another neighbour and got me to pray for the bemused man for healing!
You couldn't stop John! Heaven is going to be enriched by his homecoming and he is going to be very much missed. Until we meet again.

(Guest) 02/12/2020 16:38
Deepest condolences to the family. John ran his race well. Man of faith. A passionate soul winner.
(Guest) 02/12/2020 19:17
Thank you all for your fantastic kind thoughts and remembrances, Johnny would love to be remembered as simply someone who tried to be obedient and walk as Jesus walked. He lived for eternity and tried to bring as many people along with him! We hope to have a memorial and celebration of his life next year when we are allowed to meet in bigger numbers. With love to you all, Sue Wright, (john’s wife)
(Guest) 02/12/2020 19:56
I connected with John only recently; (though I’m friends with his daughter) asking him to speak at the Cheshire Filling Station. He accepted but then sadly wrote to say that he was not well enough. We connected over the phone several times and he was praying for me and my son; urging me on, encouraging me in the Lord and giving me pearls of biblical wisdom and insight. I also enjoyed his writing immensely and his Lockdown Instagram posts. What a wonderful, passionate, bold, godly man.
With love and deep sympathies to all his family. Kirstie
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Published: 30/11/2020