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Why not exercise your sense of humour?

It has been said that God loves to hear His people laugh, and Jane Walters is encouraging us to find ways to bring more laughter into our lives.

Going to the dentist has never been the most enjoyable experience, but there’s something I remember about it as a child that still stands out now: the copies of Reader’s Digest in the waiting room. Not for me the from-the-brink-of-disaster tales, the condensed fiction, or the international political comment.
Instead, I would spend my time flicking through to find the snippets at the end of a page, or – the mother-lode – the entire section entitled Laughter the Best Medicine. All nerves were forgotten as I chuckled at each joke and story.
Life isn’t so funny anymore, is it? Living on my own, I’m thankful that I bubble with my son and his wife and children, but I miss so much the casual company of friends, and the laughter that usually accompanies it. Only recently, my life had hit a slight bump in the road, so to speak, and I took the chance to have a video call with a friend. Within minutes, we were laughing about something and nothing, and the stress lifted as peace returned.
I found out a long time ago that God has a sense of humour. (Is it such a surprise? Why would He have created us with one if He didn’t have one Himself?) I was getting ready for school when I noticed the clouds building outside. Getting soaked on the way, especially as a cyclist with your lap filling with rain, was no fun; and so I prayed, ‘God, please keep the rain off until I get there.’ Well, I’d no sooner set off than the heavens opened. Cross, I said to God, ‘I thought I’d asked for no rain?’ His answer? ‘It’s hail.’ It tickled me so much at the time that I giggled as I rode along, and it has the same effect now.
During lockdown, I’m being more intentional about looking for things that put a smile on my face. I’m making sure my book-on-the-go is light in tone. I’ve taken up drawing – the terrible results guaranteeing laughter all on their own – and I’m going for walks, giving my smile to others beneath my mask. I’ve also discovered the literal joys of comedy boxed sets on TV streaming services, their silly plots and one-liners lifting my spirits on these long, dark evenings.
If you want to join in and become more determined to redress the balance and exercise your sense of humour, here’s one of my favourite jokes to get you started:

What did the Zero say to the Eight?   ‘Nice belt!’

Jane Walters 175Jane Walters, formerly Clamp, is the author of Too Soon, a mother’s journey through miscarriage (SPCK) and a regular contributor to Premier Radio and UCB. She leads creative writing retreats and is a popular speaker locally and further afield. Visit: www.janeclamp.com


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