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Norfolk Christian League set to resume season  

The Norfolk Christian Football League has announced that it will resume its season, in line with the easing of Government Covid-19 restrictions, from Saturday April 10.

League chairman, Jim Green, said: “We are happy to be able to restart our season. We went through detailed discussions about how we could finish the season with some football, which is what most clubs said they wanted.
“The size of the youth leagues have meant that a full fixture list can be completed, with perhaps the battle between Easton and Heigham Park Rangers at the top of the Under 14 league being the most tightly contested.” 
The size of the adult league made this more difficult, but what has been agreed is a one fixture league, with any second games between two teams being null and void. 
“On resumption, there is a battle at the top between Eaton and St John’s, closely followed by Stalham, NCBC and Lighthouse,” said Jim. “In normal circumstances we would be encouraging supporters to come and enjoy a game but we have to state that at the moment these games are only for players and officials.
“It is wonderful that we can actually finish our season with matches. I am sure that we will all have a deeper appreciation of what the game means to us, in being able to express a little bit more of the full life which Jesus gives us,” said Jim.

Keith Morris, 25/03/2021

Published: 25/03/2021
Keith Morris