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Event explores ministry in poor communities

Sara Barron, Executive Director of the National Estates Church Network, will be speaking in Norwich about ministry in low-income communities.

“The pandemic has been a steep learning curve for all in ministry,” write the organisers, “but for those of us in low-income communities it has been stark, closing down important ways of being community and yet, at the same time, providing new opportunities for service.
“As society opens up, what lessons have we learnt and what are the next steps in our adventure?”
Sara Barron writes: “Sharing the Jesus story and walking ‘The Way’ has taken me on many adventures. From Living, loving and learning from Leigh Park Estate for sixteen years, to listening and embracing invitation in Looe. 
“I am a Baptist minister working for National Estate Churches Network, Curbproject and as a Missional listener and pioneer. I love to walk, drink coffee and eat cake.”
The event is taking place from 10.30am to 4pm on Wednesday October 6 at St Elizabeth's, 75 Cadge Road, Earlham, Norwich NR5 8DG. A light lunch and refreshments are provided. There is a car park and on road parking available.
Tickets and further information are now available on:
Pictured above is St Elizabeth’s Earlham

Eldred Willey, 21/09/2021

Eldred Willey
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