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Update with God before shutting down

Ruth Lilley explains that some of the necessary housekeeping practices that keep our computers functioning correctly may have equivalent applications for our spiritual health.

It had been one of those days, and as I was approaching its end and turning off my computer, three options came on the screen:  - shut down,  update and shut down, or update and restart? Obviously, this was a question for my laptop, although it caused me to stop and think about my mindset as I was getting ready to shut down for the day.
I definitely did not want to choose anything to do with restarting as I was glad the day was ending. However, it did make me consider whether I did perhaps need an update before I shut down!
Sometimes life can seem so overwhelming, and it can feel like I am only just making it through the moments and wondering if the next moment might be the one that unravels me!
Therefore, I felt it was necessary for an update in order to remind myself that I do not need to feel overwhelmed because ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. Also, that God brings peace not chaos.
There was a need to update my mindset and remember that God gives me all I need to do each new day. His Holy Spirit is working in me, enabling me to grow and discover what it means to produce good fruit. If I never face a tricky day, how then do I grow? If I never come across a situation that requires something more than I am, how then do I discover that the best place I can be is leaning into God? If I never know what is to be challenged, how then do I find what God has placed and purposed within me?
So how do I update my mindset? I believe it comes from what I call to mind. By knowing His Word, I am reminded that my God is a God of love, kindness, and compassion. My Heavenly Father is so merciful and gracious that He willingly gives me a fresh start each day. I can walk beside Jesus and know that He cares and will carry the burdens that sometimes overwhelm.
I feel the greatest update I require is that in God there is no need to fear, His perfect love drives all fear away so that I can make room for His peace. As I journey on with God, I feel that there is much to be gained by making the choice to update rather than to simply shut down!
So, as I shutdown, I can choose to allow myself to be covered in His peace. This brings strength and enables me to rest, regardless of what the day has brought my way.
The image above is courtesy of pixabay.com.

ruth starkings 150CFRuth Lilley has recently returned to teaching at an infant school in Norwich. She also enjoys writing, and writes a regular blog called ‘With Every Sun Comes A New Day.’


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