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Play portrays missionary imprisoned with ISIS 

St Stephen’s Church in Norwich will be hosting a production by Artless Theatre Company called 'If Prison Walls Could Speak'.

The production is based on the book ‘Imprisoned with ISIS’ by Petr Jasek, a Czech missionary who was imprisoned for 14 months in Sudan with members of ISIS. 

The production takes its title from Richard Wurmbrand’s book detailing some of his experiences when he was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in the 1960s in communist Rumania. After his release Pastor Wurmbrand founded Christian Mission to the Communist World, now Release International, and it is with Release that Artless is working to bring this production to as many venues as possible.

Chris Poch, one of the founders of Artless, was profoundly influenced by Tortured for Christ, as was Petr Jasek. Chris and co-founder Jon Maltz have put on a number of non-mainstream productions with Artless; they say their aim is to be both entertaining and challenging and to show that those who are persecuted for their faith are not mere victims. And they want us to be challenged by the fact that these are our brothers and sisters in the faith and that we can draw much closer to them through prayer and by being exposed to something of what they are experiencing.  

Although the production will feature just one actor on stage, representing Petr, we can also be transported through multimedia to other characters in the story including Petr’s wife, as well as being drawn into something of what Petr is experiencing.

The date is Friday 29 October, and the production starts at 7pm. It is appropriate both for those who believe and those who don’t.

The cost is £5, which is payable on the door. Please book in advance on

Image above from Artless Theatre


Eldred Willey, 14/10/2021

Eldred Willey
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