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Norwich speaker to revive the virtue of hospitality

After the disconnect of the pandemic, a Norwich church is hosting a talk to relaunch the practice of extraordinary hospitality. Andy Rees reports.

Generous hospitality is a significant way in which God works through our lives to bring life to others, yet many of us feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed at the prospect, especially if we don’t have big houses and we are not wonderful cooks.
Carolyn Lacey (women’s worker, blogger, author, mother of two and pastor’s wife) is coming to Norwich to speak at a seminar on this very issue. She encourages us to focus on the goal of hospitality, which is to reflect God’s welcoming heart, and shows us how we can all do that, regardless of our bank balance or living situation. She is both practical and realistic on how to make hospitality part of everyday life without becoming exhausted and overburdened.
After 18 months of feeling disconnected to others and having fallen out of the habit of serving others in this way, it’s a great way to kickstart this important aspect of life in God’s Church.
We’d love you to join us at Surrey Chapel, Norwich 6-7pm on Sunday November 7 for this free event.

Copies of Carolyn’s book will also be available at a discounted price.
Pictured above is Carolyn Lacey

Eldred Willey, 27/10/2021

Eldred Willey

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