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Norwich conference takes a look at spiritual abuse 

Following a series of revelations about high-profile Christian leaders, a group of Norfolk churches is organising a conference to look at spiritual abuse and godly leadership.

“There has been a tidal wave of scandal surrounding evangelical Christian leaders over the past year,” write the organisers. “From Ravi Zacharias to Bill Hybels to the phenomenon of the podcast ‘The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill’, and closer to home people like Jonathan Fletcher, it has felt like God's Church has been severely humbled and we have been left with a glaring blind spot around heavy-handed leadership and spiritual abuse.”
The event will provide an opportunity to think about personal and ministry implications of these revelations, where people might be susceptible to similar patterns of behaviour, and how to apply the Gospel in a healthy way to individual leaders and congregations. 
The speaker is Andy Mason, author of ‘God's Leaders’. He will navigate through the issues, giving a couple of talks with space for questions and feedback. The event is free, and you can book in here. 
Andy is the Vicar of St John's, Chelsea, married to Kathrine, and they live on the World’s End Estate. He is also the Director of Training for Co-Mission which involves training future spiritual leaders. Andy and Kathrine have two children, Ori and Pella.
This event takes place on Tuesday January 25 at Surrey Chapel, Norwich NR3 1DU. It is organised by EQUIP Norfolk. 
Pictured above is Andy Mason

Eldred Willey, 13/01/2022

Eldred Willey
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