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Sheringham Shed inside feb 22
Sheringham Church’s community shed now open

Sheringham Shed, a new community workshop that has opened in the town centre, is now open for business and anyone is welcome to come and see what they have to offer. Tony Rothe reports.

The Shed building is on Wyndham Street in the heart of the town of Sheringham. It was established by the town’s Lighthouse Community Church to combat loneliness, isolation and poor mental health in men and women by working on various types of projects together, which has been described as “Community through Activity”.
There is a downstairs workshop, pictured above, for people to take part in activities like woodwork, up-cycling and repairs, whilst the upstairs facility is available for a variety of groups including chat groups, arts and crafts, computer classes and, currently, a Life Skills course.
Sheringham Shed is affiliated to the national organisation UK Men's Sheds Association, which was established to provide community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of folk to enjoy together, which helps reduce loneliness and isolation, and simply provide some fun.
Sheringham shed outside 640ATDaniel Ward, project co-ordinator, said, “It's been around four years since we embarked on our Shed project, and it’s taken longer than anyone expected to really get going, mainly because of funding issues and, of course, the pandemic restrictions. However, I’m delighted to say that we now have some successful groups running. I would urge anyone who wants to find out what we are about to just turn up on a Tuesday morning and see for themselves”
There is a men’s community workshop session every Tuesday from 10am to 12 noon. This is an opportunity for men to come together have a cuppa and a chat and either learn new skills or share their skills with other people in the functioning workshop area downstairs. A number of women have expressed an interest in using the workshop and Daniel is hoping to launch a ladies’ workshop session very soon.
There is also a group called ‘Lifeskills’ every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. These sessions aim to teach people how to make their money go further, with topics including “How to budget” and minimising energy consumption. There are only a couple of sessions left in the current Lifeskills course, but it is planned to start another course soon.
sheringham patch 750ATPriory Patch, pictured right, a sister project of Sheringham Shed, is a community garden/smallholding on a 60 by 40 metre space located in Beeston Regis just outside Sheringham. The aims for the Patch are the same as the Shed - to use the space to combat loneliness, isolation and poor mental health.

A group of people have been meeting at The Patch during 2021 and have enjoyed working together – clearing ground, planting, and putting in the foundations of a project that will improve the area, including wildlife habitats, now and for future generations. However, the project has been on hold over the winter whilst a digger was used to completely level the site and move a lot of rubbish and broken farm machinery. 
Daniel explained, “We still aim to use this space to grow fruits and vegetables, maybe plant an orchard and even keep some animals. We also want the Patch to be wheelchair accessible, putting in wider walkways and raised beds, meaning this can really be a place for everyone. From this base we aim to do a lot of exciting projects around the town.”
Daniel is looking to restart this group soon as the weather starts to improve in the next few weeks.
sheringham shed logo 640CFAnyone interested in the Shed or the Patch can visit the website, sheringhamshed.org, or the Facebook page.
Alternatively, email office@sheringhamshed.org. or phone 01263 824020 for more information.
The Shed office is currently open 9am to 2pm on Mondays to Wednesdays (3pm on Tuesdays).
Sheringham Shed is part of Lighthouse Charity Trust, a registered charity, and is located at 10 Wyndham Street, Sheringham, Norfolk NR26 8BA.

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The photos of Sheringham Shed are courtesy of Gareth Gabriel at  https://filmand.photo/
The Photo of the Patch is courtesy of Daniel Ward.



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