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Richard BaxterNorwich minister publishes Baxter book

Retired pastor Dr Alan Clifford has published a book on puritan church leader Richard Baxter, one of England's greatest preachers.

Richard Baxter lived from 1615 to 1691 and was a preacher, leader and theologian. He was the most prominent churchman of the 1600s, more widely read than Shakespeare in his day. 

In his book, Dr Clifford writes about the non-conformist who sought unity. Richard Baxter was a peacemaker who sought unity among Protestants, and yet he was a highly independent thinker — he made a mark on English history by his courageous stand before the infamous Judge Jeffreys in 1685. 

Dr Clifford says, "As a saintly, energetic, dedicated, brilliant and large-hearted servant of Christ, he is probably the most effective pastor-evangelist this country has ever known."

Remarkably, many of Baxter's writings are still being published 300 years on. Dr Clifford's book contains the complete texts of two of Baxter's shorter, little-known and unjustly-neglected publications, the first and last of his evangelistic/ pastoral works, Making Light of Christ (1655) and The Grand Question Resolved (1692). 

Dr Clifford said, "His style remains surprisingly lucid and lively when most of his contemporaries are obviously dated. Baxter's books still retain their power to inform, arouse and edify the modern reader. His message remains as powerful and meaningful as ever."

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Pictured: Statue of Richard Baxter in Kidderminster, where he wrote his most famous books and hymns

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