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Bishop pays Platinum Jubilee tribute to Queen  

The Bishop of Norwich gave thanks for the 70-year reign of Her Majesty The Queen at a special service at Norwich Anglican Cathedral on Sunday June 5.

He also reflected on the Christian faith which sustains Queen Elizabeth II in an article for the Eastern Daily Press.
“At her Coronation, The Queen was anointed with holy oil according to a recipe that goes back into the mists of time. That anointing was for a life of service,” wrote Bishop Graham Usher.

“We saw the value she places in service to others when she signed her Platinum Jubilee letter with the words, ‘Your servant, Elizabeth R’.
“Down through the years she has been sustained in that task by the prayers of millions and through her attentiveness to worship the God who daily sustains her. The Queen asked for our prayers in advance of her Coronation that ‘God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making, and that I may faithfully serve him and you, all the days of my life.’
“When she sat alone at the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh it was as if the prayers of millions surrounded her. As age brings its challenges, it is as if she radiates the goodness, kindness and wisdom stored up over her years of service.
“Her Christmas broadcasts have spoken about the faith that sustains her, remarking last year about Jesus’ ‘teachings have been handed down from generation to generation, and have been the bedrock of my faith’.
“She is steeped in the Book of Common Prayer and the gentle rhythm of its well-known prayers. ‘I know just how much I rely on my own faith to guide me through the good times and the bad,’ she said, knowing of the need ‘to put my trust in God’.
“In this she values the place of the Church of England, noting how it is ‘woven into the fabric of this country, the Church has helped to build a better society’.
“On this Platinum Jubilee, join me in finding a quiet moment to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for all that The Queen is to so many people.”
Click here to read Bishop Graham’s prayer for the Platinum Jubilee

Pictured above is Her Majesty The Queen. Picture by Jacob King/PA Wire/PA Images.

Keith Morris, 06/06/2022

Keith Morris
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