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Lord teaches Norwich trio to change the world

YMCARuskieParliamentWeb2007: Three Norwich YMCA residents have been learning how to change the world from a lord and a lobbyist.
Dominic, Trakxx and Ruski attended a course at the German YMCA in London, called Changing Your World.  The theme of the course was to engage young YMCA members in the electoral process including campaigning and lobbying. 
The course was arranged by YMCA England and Y Care International and was led by professional lobbyist and campaigner Kelly Drake, who teaches others how to use the parliamentary system to their advantage, and Lord (Rupert) Redesdale, an elected Liberal Democrat Life Peer.
YMCA Norfolk Faith Development Officer, Alexis Lloyd, said: “The course was a wonderfully inspiring experience.  It included lots of workshops and an afternoon at the Houses of Parliament.  Here we saw the speaker of the House of Lords process into the House of Lords chamber with The Mace, which is a symbol of HM The Queen’s presence.
“We listened to Lord’s Questions – including a question on the excessive cost of phoning home from abroad on a mobile phone. We also listened to a debate on funding for special needs education in the House of Commons and we met another Peer and three MPs.  The young people asked the Peers and MPs many searching questions.
“All the young people, from several YMCAs, went home having an informed perspective on the workings of government.  Many have plans to run their own campaigns including emergency beds for the homeless in Southampton, an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Barnsley and lobbying parliament about the Parliamentary Whip system.”
Pictured above is Norwich YMCA resident Ruski receiving his certificates from Lord Redesdale.


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