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Bringing criminals and victims face-to-face

SycamoreTreeLiebert Shakes, part of the chaplaincy of Norwich Prison will be talking to Taverham Evangelical Church (Tec) at their Tea & Talk meeting on Sunday May 20, about the restorative justice Sycamore Tree programme.
The Sycamore Project is a national restorative justice programme within prisons involving face-to-face meetings between prison inmates and victims of crime. The idea is to repair the harm caused or revealed by criminal behaviour.   
Tec minister, Vic Ready, said: “It was started by a woman with a criminal history and astonishing courage, Jackie Katounas. Jackie had been convicted of 138 crimes and spent much of her adult life in jail, when she decided to straighten up. Drawing on her experiences, she has found purpose and joy in going back into jails to help others.”
Prison Fellowship national director Kim Workman says that the Government has recognized the importance of restorative justice principles. 
“The Sycamore Tree, named after the Biblical tax-collector Zacchaeus who had a change of heart, aims to promote feelings of victim empathy within the hearts of offenders, encouraging them to think about both reconciliation and restoration,” said Vic.

“If you are free on Sunday May 20 at 6.30pm, please do come along and find more about this innovative and challenging ministry at Taverham Village Hall.  The meeting itself is a very simple format comprising of enjoying a cup or tea/coffee, a slice of cake and listening to the presentation by the Prison Chaplaincy team.”

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