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Stories of faith working in Taverham

MalcolmDuncan2Rev Malcolm Duncan, the leader of Faithworks, the organisation that was started by TV Baptist minister Steve Chalke, spoke at Taverham Evangelical Church, near Norwich on Sunday July 22, 2007. 
Steve Chalke inspired the idea of a Faithworks Movement and laid the foundations for its launch as a campaign in February 2001, through Founding Partner Oasis Trust. 
Faithworks is a movement of thousands of individuals, churches and organisations motivated by their Christian faith to serve the needs of their local communities and positively influence society as a whole. 
“As the Faithworks movement is supported by many leading denominations and church networks we would like to invite as many Christians as possible to our morning service to find out more how you can get involved in serving your own community by scratching it where it itches,” said minister Vic Ready.
“Faithworks was the original inspiration behind Tec starting The Help Shop Advice Centre and from small beginnings The Help Shop now deals with a significant number of debt cases each year as well as providing benefit advice and female counselling. Inspired by the success of Faithworks we have been able to fund our community outreach to the tune of £53,000 each year.
“I believe, as does Malcolm Duncan, that unless the Church is prepared to involve itself in the nuts and bolts of community life it forfeits its privilege of being a relevant force within society.”


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