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Norwich URC appoints community worker

LizHrinMiaKamWeb2007: Liz Kam has been appointed as the Church Related Community Worker (CRCW) for the United Reformed Church in Norwich.
Liz arrived in Norwich in late September to spend a period getting to know what the congregations are already doing in terms of community ministry. She will also be taking time to “get to grips” with the wider communities and neighbourhoods around the churches and across the city as a whole.
Liz will be commissioned at Jessopp Road URC on October 19 from 7.30pm.
Chris Warner, Strategic Team Leader for the group said: “This is exciting news and I know the whole team is really looking forward to working with Liz. We know she will help us all make a real difference in the support of congregations and their community work”.
Liz said: “I grew up in Cambridgeshire, but currently live in Manchester where we have been for five years as I have been training as a Church Related Community Development Worker. This has involved lots of assignment writing and more importantly lots of hours doing community development work with inner city Manchester churches. I am mum to Mia who is 13 months old and wife to Hrin.
“I am looking forward to joining the team and putting into practice the knowledge and skills I have been developing over a number of years”
Liz is currently doing an MA in contextual theology following four years training as a CRCW. In the past she has been a community team member at the Yardley Hastings National Youth Resource Centre, a care assistant in a nursing home and a postal delivery officer. She has gained a lot of experience in a variety of churches and has also been part of the URC National FURY Council and a member of the Life and Witness Committee.
Liz spent five months in India in 1998-99 on the Council for World mission’s Training in Mission Programme.

Pictured above are Liz and Hrin Kam with Mia.

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