James Knight demonstrates why it is logical and reasonable to believe that God exists.
James Knight explains that we cannot really know what it is like to be a Christian until we experience God for ourselves.
James Knight is concerned about a conference in Scotland last week where permission to contribute to the debate was determined by skin colour. He shares his concerns with us here:
James Knight is challenging some of the assertions being made by the climate change lobby, and shares his thoughts about what our response should be.
James Knight has been pondering the existence of the supernatural, but concludes that the challenge is to determine what is true.
Regular columnist James Knight thinks back to the snow we had this winter and finds encouragement for those of us who consider our contribution to the Kingdom of God to be insignificant.
A Christian view of Donald Trump
Regular columnist James Knight provides us with his personal analysis, as a Christian, of the US president. More ...
Wheat and weeds – building up resilience
Regular columnist James Knight offers his reflections on one of Jesus’ harvest-related parables. More ...
Mirroring the perfection that is already in us
Regular columnist James Knight argues that responding to the best qualities in others, and in ourselves, is the best way to live our lives. More ...
Foodbanks – national disgrace, or Grace in action?
Regular columnist James Knight offers his insight into the rapid rise in the use of Foodbanks over the last few years. More ...
Bold and unusual
Regular columnist James Knight looks for ways to make the world more heavenly. More ...
The genius of Jesus
Regular columnist James Knight reflects on the fact that God came to earth as man, and considers the amazing story of Jesus life, and death, to be one of genius. More ...
Becoming like Christ
Regular columnist James Knight considers what it means to become like Christ and, helped by CS Lewis, describes aspects of that journey. More ...
Why does God allow evil?
Regular columnist James Knight offers an explanation as to why God allows evil to take place in the world. More ...
Let us also remember Christian martyrs
Like many of us, regular columnist James Knight attended a remembrance service last Sunday. Here is his reflection of that commemoration. More ...
Dealing with doubts as a Christian
Regular columnist James Knight considers the whole question of doubt, and asks whether or not it is actually good to have doubts. More ...
Grace-fulfilment, not wish-fulfilment
Why Society needs Christ
We can be agents of radical grace
What kind of political party would Jesus lead?
The Borrowed Light of God
Coping with the tough times as a Christian
Understanding God's justice
Enjoy Jesus this Christmas
Christianity - A trick of the mind?
Are We Alone In The Universe?
Network Norfolk columnist on UCB Radio
God’s grace is the only antidote for our sin
Grace-filled forgiveness after church shootings
Love and Grace at the centre
How can wicked people like Hitler be saved?
What would you say to God?
Why people reject God
Why Christmas is so special
God, genes, morality, alturism and grace
Why don't Christians pay atheists to attend church?
Why Jesus was probably not a socialist 
Britain: Christian, ex-Christian or post-Christian?
Climbing up your ladder: Christianity and status
Hitchens' atheist arguments under scrutiny
Examining the delusions of Dawkins
Love and work beyond national barriers
Nelson Mandela: great, heroic and human
Living the dream with God
Why God likes science and capitalism
The Bible as a book and interpretation
The quality of wisdom
Why love and grace supercede morality
The call to be generous Christians
Is there such a thing as a victimless crime?
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JamesKnight300James Knight columns

James Knight is a regular columnist for Network Norwich & Norfolk. His weekly articles take a look at different aspects of the Christian faith. 

His views are personal ones and are intended to stimulate constructive debate amongst website users. We welcome your thoughts and comments, posted at the bottom of the relevant article. We would ask you to abide by our forum rules and may delete any comments which do not.

James is a Christian writer and local government officer based in Norwich.
He is also a writer for for the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

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