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Norwich chief opens dialogue with churches

LauraMcGillivrayWebBy Susie Knights

2008: Leaders of churches and faith-based organisations in Norwich opened a dialogue with Norwich City Council Chief Executive Laura McGillivray (pictured right) at City Hall on Monday September 15.

The next step is a meeting in the city with Government Faith Minister, Stephen Timms MP, on December 1.
Over 30 leaders met with Laura at the Transforming Norwich City Council Dialogue meeting, organised by YMCA Norfolk Chief Executive Officer John Drake in the Council Chamber.
Laura gave an update on the Boundary Committee proposals for Norwich and Norfolk. She also spoke about neighbourhoods and communities working closely together through neighbourhood frameworks and close partnerships with organisations that work in the community to deliver improvements on the ground.  She encouraged those present to participate in the boundary debate by contacting the boundary committee at
CityChurchDialogLogoJohn Drake said he was delighted that government both locally and nationally wanted to engage with the faith community and said of the Stephen Timms visit: “This is an exciting opportunity. We need to make sure that we are well placed to engage with decision makers and procurers of services.
“We need to demonstrate the wide range of community support that we, the churches and faith based organisations, have to offer.  The Local Impact Assessment which was launched at the Transforming Norwich AGM will be a great tool to evidence this and YMCA Norfolk will assist the churches and other organisations to ensure its completion.”

To download the Local Impact Assessment form, click here
John said: “We also need to appreciate the delivery standards and set targets that local government are required to achieve, we also need to understand how we can contribute to them.”
medium1The role of the Local Strategic Partnerships was discussed. David Ingham who represents the Churches Council Forum on the local delivery board shared his experiences and set out some of the challenges ahead.
“I encourage everyone to be involved in third sector forums and events to ensure that we, the Christian community, have our voice heard,” he said.
Transforming Norwich development officer, John Betts, gave an overview of the planned Norwich Community Summit, which will be held in Summer 09: “It is an opportunity to celebrate all the pioneering and highly acclaimed work that the Christian community has achieved in our city,” he said.
Transforming Norwich (Guest) 18/09/2008 16:29
mmmmm How many churches are say in the 01603 phone code for Norwich? in this article is says 'Over 30 leaders met with Laura..........' yes well and good but where were the rest of you? Not intersted? to much of a bother? want to keep your own patch?
Well you missed what for the Churches of Norwich is an oportunity beyond all dreams, and you missed it.
ken hardy 18/09/2008 17:28
On Behalf of the CMA UK (Christian Motorcyclists Association) see the site at: - that this was a brilliant evening to have attended and thank those organising these events for their efforts.
If the churches of Norwich and district want to be heard, be involved, then going to these meetings is needed, if you miss out now and find in a few years time you were not heard because you did not put a view forward then it will be to late to complain.
The churches have an excellent chance to outreach, and be involved with national and local government and the churches are actually being asked their view, for their opinion, for their input – use the opportunity or loose it.
Ken Hardy Executive member CMA UK
John Bennett (Guest) 19/09/2008 13:04
Most of the churches in the 01603 area aren't governed by Norwich City Council, so there isn't much point for us to talk with their chief executive.

If there is a change in local government it would be a good opportunity to consider afresh what the best arrangements are for working together across different communities.

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