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Norwich pastor's Coronavirus plea to be kind 

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, Norwich church pastor Craig Deal has issued a plea to look out for the vulnerable, the poor and the lonely and to be kind to one another.

Speaking to the congregation at Gateway Vineyard church on Sunday (March 15), Craig asked what should be the response of Christians to the current pandemic:

“I want to suggest that we have an incredible opportunity for the church to be church. Through the Bible and history it’s the church that has chosen to respond differently in moments like this.

“So rather than panic and fear the church has responded with love and compassion," he said.

“Rather than look out for number one, the church has looked out for the other, the lonely, the vulnerable, the poor, the ill. When the system can’t cope it’s the church that has come up with creative ways to meet the needs of the situation.

“I am not saying that we shouldn’t be wise. It would be foolish to ignore government advice. It would be foolish not to practice good hygiene, and if you are showing symptoms of the virus follow the government guidelines, that is the right thing to do.

“However, now is also the time to look out for your neighbour, now is the time to check in on the elderly – we just read this morning that all over 70s maybe told to stay indoors – many are already very lonely and isolated.

“We are currently in our 1000 Hours kindness revolution for Lent – so let’s practice kindness,” said Craig.

Pictured above is Craig Deal.

Published: 16/03/2020