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Church shifts focus to vulnerable and needy 

Now that public worship is suspended, Christ Church in Eaton has decided to channel its energy into supporting vulnerable people and keeping the community connected.

The parish has stopped church services and groups but is seeking to maintain daily prayer in church. Christ Church is also aiming to do the following over this period, whilst maintaining high standards of hygiene and practising social distancing:

  • Keep the Foodbank open
  • Encourage donations to the charity of the month
  • Develop the list of church volunteers - there are a number of people who are prepared to offer practical help or ring people during the current difficult period.
  • The Sunday school team is working together and offering special, hygienically-prepared craft packs.
  • Continue church communications. 
  • Distribute Easter gifts 

Vicar of Christ Church, Patrick Richmond, says, “This Lent and beyond we must exercise unprecedented discipline in order to save countless lives, especially of the vulnerable and elderly, and to prevent the NHS from being massively overwhelmed with the sick.  However, efforts are being made to keep a church presence going and to make sure, above all, that we help the vulnerable and needy in the locality. I am grateful to all those who are involved in taking this action.”

The Church of England has a range of online worship and prayer material available at:


Published: 24/03/2020