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Churches and council looking after Ludham

Ludham Churches Together in association with Ludham Parish Council are providing a food and drink ordering and delivery service for villagers, including the collection of prescriptions.

The service is based on the existing Ludham Village Car Scheme which continues to take villagers without transport to their medical appointments and collects/delivers prescriptions.
The notice which has been posted in the Broadland village says:

'If you are self-isolated or unwell and housebound and need food and/or drink, or the collection of a prescription and have no available relatives or friends you should telephone the village car scheme 01692 511511 with details of your requirements.

'The supplies will be bought on your behalf and left on your doorstep. The deliverer will knock or ring, then stand back while you take them in.

The normal £1 car scheme charge for delivering prescriptions will be waived until after the emergency. Bills for purchases with copies of shop bills will be given to users of the scheme for settlement when the isolation period is over.'


Project title:                       Ludham Village Car Scheme

Run by:                               Churches Together in Ludham in association with Ludham parish council.

Catchment area:                 Ludham village

Contact details:                  Phone 01692 511511

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Published: 27/04/2020