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A Christmas quest for eternal youth
Christmas – more than just an idea! 
The true meaning of Christmas?
Experience the truth of God this Christmas
An appeal about appeals
No Christmas without Easter
Gifts at Christmas
Are you tuned in to Jesus?
The Appeal of the Poppy
How should Christians view mental distress?
It's good to talk
The science behind Creationism – part 2
One God – One World – We are all brothers and sisters
What would Jesus be doing?
Harvest can be a time of real struggle
Should a funeral be happy?
The curse of the invisibility cloak
Mind the Gap - God is there
The treasure we overlook
Speak out when the Holy Spirit says so!
The power of prayer in times of bad news
To bless or to curse? – that is our choice
Praise God for challenges!
Keep Climbing with God!
Is a referendum really good democracy?
Christians should learn from history
Words of encouragement to a young disciple
Death – the end or the beginning?
Rejoicing in the present moment
Ask God to help you break the cycle
The Holy Spirit - Revival Now
Money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world
How do we rebuild trust in leadership?
Responding to tragedy - prayer, post or preach?
The resurrection – embracing the unexpected
Let’s celebrate life’s victory over death
Should we leave politics to the politicians?
Jesus is the Undercover Boss
Once upon a time…words of comfort
Are you going round in circles?
Are Christians scapegoats?
Mountain-top experience ends in revival prayer
It's Impossible! – Not for Jesus!
A touch of the fire of God from Welsh revival
How to find true joy
Nigel's three-year journey of faith begins
Bishop reveals Norwich and Bethlehem link
When winter meets its death - in Narnia
Getting into the Christmas spirit?
Do you know who you are?
Is anything too difficult for God?
The real message of Christmas?
Pray for the peace of the world
Christians and Justice
God doesn’t play the Blame Game
The Groom is a Writer
Hope – Music of the Soul
Remembering Edith Cavell
“Oh My, Oh My” – A Christian response
Leadership – as portrayed in popular culture
Harvest is a time to give thanks
We must show Christian compassion to refugees
How to be fully satisfied
Lesson in love from a black Labrador
There's a sound of victory in the valley!
A wandering Aramean was my father
The free gift that inspires
We can all be lifted up by God
Bury the rubble and let God build your future
We must transform our politics…and our hearts
Why does God let them get away with it?
One gift, one man, one purpose!
Discerning the Language of God
Defying the norm for Jesus
What does Ecumenism really mean?
Politicians - Let's pray for them!
Why Christians should participate in politics
Questions to ask before you vote
How would Jesus vote?
What to do when you ain’t got enough ….!
Extending the Easter celebration
God uses the little to achieve great things
We are an Easter People
What should we think about migrants?
Kick it out of your life!
The call for a radical new politics
Getting stressed doesn’t glorify God
The wealth we must give away
Humility releases God’s favour
Being community is tough!
Standing together in peace and unity

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