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Lockdown750Let's pray for the right lifting of lockdown 

As the Government prepares to announce its plans for the lifting of lockdown, Call To Prayer invites the Christian community to pray for divine guidance.

It also invites Christians to join in praying that the Church will respond in the best way to the changed situation in which we are living.

For the Government

Lord, we pray for Boris Johnson and the Government as they prepare to lift the lockdown.

Father, we ask that you give them wisdom for the way forward.

We praise you, Lord, that your plans and purposes for the United Kingdom will be fulfilled and that the destiny of the United Kingdom will come  to pass. Amen.

For the Church

Father, we thank you for your Church and for all that you are doing during this time. We pray for the leaders who have had to adapt to doing things differently. 

We pray for everyone to embrace what you are doing in this season. We thank you that you are reaching so many via the Internet and social media.

Lord, thank you for the unity we see across all denominations.

We bless the body of Christ to be one body, one force, one weapon in the hands of Almighty God in Jesus name. Amen.

If you haven't seen it already, you may want to watch the united blessing prayer from UK churches here:

Image by Queven from Pixabay 

Eldred Willey, 24/04/2020

Published: 24/04/2020
Eldred Willey